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Would you buy a car without a test drive?

Would you buy a car without a test drive?
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Assuming the answer is a resounding “Of course not!” then why would you ever plan and run a marketing campaign without checking that it works in all the essential areas first? Like buying a new car, marketing campaigns tend to consume your time and money, but if properly planned they will undoubtedly reward this investment.

Part of the planning of a well considered campaign should be knowing the desires of the target audience. Not just how interested they are in your product and how active they are in the market, but what it will take to shift their loyalty to your brand. I occasionally talk to companies who are happy planning a campaign based on feedback questionnaires and industry audit data on the assumption that this information tells them all they need to know. It doesn’t.

At WDG we are passionate about bringing our clients closer to their customer. That may sound like a soundbite, but it is the honest truth. Unless you know what it is about your brand that makes your customer’s heart beat, you risk losing his business and his referrals.

A campaign planned and pre-tested with the target audience, knowing that it is delivering a motivating message and a strong call to action has success written all over it. The objective may be to generate interest and enquiry about the brand rather than direct sales, in which case further research will measure this level of curiosity. The online reach and opportunity to be seen and talked about means that you have to be completely sure you have a winner before you commit the campaign.

If you want more information on the process of developing a winning campaign whether it is online or using traditional media please talk to one of the WDG team.

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