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What is True Brand Loyalty and the Secrets of a Long Shelf Life?

What is True Brand Loyalty and the Secrets of a Long Shelf Life?
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As a company that has spent over two decades talking to customers, consumers, companies and employees there is not much we don’t know about the importance of having a healthy brand. The ideal is to have loyal customers (and employees) who have an emotional and rational connection with the brand based on a promise they have absolute trust in.

Very few brands however hold the golden chalice of true brand loyalty, those that spring to mind are Heinz Beanz (note the absence of ‘Baked’ recently changed as seen as a bit of a mouthful, and respelling of ‘Beanz’ as a tribute to the slogan ‘Beanz Meanz Heinz‘), HP Sauce, Apple, Google, Coca Cola. Famously with Coca Cola we know that the brand is more powerful than the product and the sheer weight and global influence of Google has made it almost indispensable. These brands have become a generic in their categories with consumers in the UK asking for HP, or a ‘coke’, or  ‘googling’ for information.

What is it about these brands that keep customers tuned in to them? In every case there is an emotional connection, an assurance that the brand understands them. Advertising reinforces this by tapping into the emotional values of the brand; just think about the Christmas campaign for Coca Cola, or the numerous Beanz Meanz Heinz family-based campaigns. The parent companies are not complacent in reminding customers why they engaged with the brand in the first place.

These successful brands are not just about the products they represent, but the ideas and aims behind the products. Apple’s mission written and declared by the personable Steve Jobs is about its commitment to delivering the best personal computing experience around the world through innovative hardware, software and internet. This is their brand promise and it allows the customer to be patient and forgiving of small glitches from time to time. Take the iPhone 4S which was launched with unexpectedly short battery life. Although it took Apple several months to fix following numerous complaints the brand’s reputation has remained intact.

None of this is achieved without confidence in the market, the competition and the consumer, all of which is achieved using market insights and research. For aspiring brands the road to customer loyalty is hard fought on social media and through distribution channels. Customers have a shorter attention span than 10 years ago; sites like Facebook and Twitter can persuade and influence change and of course there is the internet shopping mall. But just like successful brands companies can use social media to engage with consumers, create interest around the brand, tap into the emotional link and communicate its promise, resulting in powerful brand advocates..

The challenge for aspiring brands is respecting the value customers place on the brand promise. If the promise is consistently broken and the emotional connection is not established then the company has a brand in name only. This proves that brand loyalty is as important a relationship for the company as it is to the consumer. To grow a strong brand that sits confidently on the balance sheet requires an unwavering promise to the customer and a connection that taps into different emotions.

A further challenge is ensuring the brand is not left behind in a dynamic commercial landscape. We encourage our clients to regularly monitor the health of their brands across all channels as well as keeping their finger on the customer’s pulse when the competition is active, and pre- and post-campaigns.

For more information about establishing brand loyalty contact the WDG team at info@wdgresearch.co.uk

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