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ABCG offers training and consultancy services in the areas of brand strategy,  customer experience, and change and performance management. By helping you build brands, drive growth and lead change our goal is to add value to your business.


Awaken is a marketing communications agency serving SME clients all round the UK and occasionally abroad. We specialise in the sport, leisure and IT sectors, providing full service marketing support and strategic input for fast growing businesses.


Mulberry Consulting is a specialist customer experience consultancy, helping organisations develop the clarity and confidence to execute customer-centered change. We work WITH clients to create strategic and operational “lines of sight” between the brand, the customer experience and the creation of business value.

We do this to help the client build customer strategies, design the customer experience, create journey maps (recognised by analysts as best in class), build employee engagement, develop the case for change and deployment plans, and then support deployment and execution for market-leading organisations worldwide.

MIH stands for “Make Innovation Happen” – we are an innovation services company that helps clients in consumer goods and B2B to come up with new ideas, turn them into concepts, and screen and evaluate them at an early stage in the innovation process.

That way, you can move faster as you travel down the innovation pipeline. We believe that creativity is not a random process, and we work hard at developing insights and ideas in tandem with trusted associates like WDG. Our “Serious Creativity” workshops are more thorough and much more worthwhile than just “brainstorming sessions” and we apply the rigour of creative concept development throughout our process. When we have developed a range of concepts (or perhaps been given some existing concepts by a client to evaluate), we run internal screening and external research sessions to narrow down the options and provide product development insight quickly. We call these sessions “Q-Blast” and this is where we rely on the expertise and efficiency of Neil and his team at WDG to deliver high quality and usable results, quickly.


our people abroadOur global network of marketing experts allows us to cohesively manage multi-country studies with local insight. We also work closely with clients’ international offices to make sure all parties are informed.

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