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WDG Care Compass provides powerful insights into the performance of your care business.  

Working with you to build a sustainable
and profitable business

From our experience of working with CEOs/ owners of care home or service provider groups, and having assessed 265 sites, you are probably looking to achieve the following four objectives:

  • Consistently delivering the highest level of care for your residents – whatever the circumstances

  • Employing a well-trained, qualified and happy team of staff – challenging to achieve with staff shortages and level of stress in the sector

  • Obtaining strong CQC ratings, including supporting services in their journey to outstanding – within CQC’s new regulatory framework

  • Your services at capacity with regular recommendations as your residents’ families are delighted with the care of their loved ones

When these four areas of services are all working well, the result is a high performing, sustainable and profitable business.

Care Compass - Assessing four crucial areas

Increasing Care Standards across your sites
  • Taking a 360-degree approach we provide insights for individual sites through detailed assessments

  • Identifying key issues and areas for improvement, such as staff training, management structure, leadership effectiveness, resident services (activities, food, lifestyle available), and risk management

  • Identifying common themes across sites, enabling transfer of best practice thoughout the estate 

Through CQC readiness we work with sites on their journey to outstanding
  • Conducting mock CQC inspections

  • Assessing management of CQC's new regulatory framework

  • Investigate effective use of the portal system, quality statements, and evidence categories

Improving Staff Well-being 
  • Identifying opportunities for professional development, training, pay, and management support

  • When staff are enjoying their work, and feeling supported, they provide higher levels of care for service users

  • Improved staff retention reduces your recruitment costs 

Enhancing Marketing and Communications as a key contributor to your services being at capacity
  • Assessing the appeal of sites to prospective residents and families including evaluating how the home is presented

  • Assessing how families discover the care home or service

  • Gauging satisfaction of current residents and their families, to increase your confidence of regularly gaining word of mouth recommendations 

Client feedback about Care Compass

“I have worked with the WDG Research team on many projects over the years, whereby Neil, Margot and the team brought strong practical insight to their market research projects. They also demonstrated great flexibility in working in fast-paced and changeable sectors, finding a niche in health and social care where their mix of family values, professional data capture and interpretation is easy to understand for both investors, management teams, and operators.

Most recently they supported our teams at Caring Homes Group (Elderly Care) and Achieve Together (Specialist Care) delivering projects including a hospitality and activity benchmark review vs competitors, a mystery enquirer / mystery referral programme, and developed a unique tool to assess the health of each homes’ quality provision and effectiveness of communication through a bespoke and in depth mock CQC inspection programme.”

Mark Sherriff
Chief Commercial Officer – Liaise, former Sales and Marketing Director – Caring Homes Group and former Chief Growth Officer – Achieve Together

Business meeting

Our Features

Care Compass – Proven approach

We’ve worked in partnership with leading adult residential care groups, like Caring Homes, and supported living services, like Achieve Together.  Over the last few years we’ve visited and assessed 265 sites, leading to clear recommendations and improving standards. Every programmof work is bespoke to your specific objectives and issues.  We take time to understand the exact issues each site is facing, and design the best approach to investigate their current performance and inform their plan for improvement.  

Combining analytical and clinical expertise 

Our team unites market research professionals with over 30 years of experience in both qualitative and quantitative research, working with a team of highly skilled former and practicing nurses specialising in the Care sector. This combination offers a truly unique perspective.


Our programme of work is designed to create clear action plans for care homes / service providers and Head Office.  

Independence enabling deeper insight 

Several of our clients run internal inspection programmes, but find that our inspectors and methods – because they are independent and objective – are able to gain deeper insights.

Interim management support available at all care service levels 

Our clinical partners can work with Care Homes to help them get back on track and stay on track.  Our clinical team has the skills to come in and support care services at whatever level is needed  to continue operating safely. 

An experienced team

Let’s start with a conversation

If you’re the owner or CEO of a care home or service provider and would like to learn more about our approach, the first step is for us to have a conversation.  We can then can understand the organisational issues you’re facing, and how we can enable you to gain clarity.   

Contact Margot Grantham email

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