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How we work

Your questions answered

Do you have opportunities which need evaluating?

Is your market unpredictable?

Do you understand upcoming market demand?

We work with businesses like yours facing business challenges to enable you to gain clarity.


So, you can make decisions and move forward.

Our clients are small and large business owners and entrepreneurs, Insight managers, CEO’s and other C Suite directors including Marketing, Operations, HR….Across all types and size of company and in many diverse product fields and industry sectors.


You name it, we’ve got some experience in it. B2B and B2C, UK and Global, Services and products alike.


Our research is commercially-focused and we work with clients over three phases:


First of all, we need to ensure we’re asking the right questions.

We work with our clients to develop a clear picture of priorities – and eliminate the red herrings!  

Our objective and consultative approach enables clients to progress their thinking before the research even starts.  

Once the objectives of the research are defined, we design the research project to meet these. 

This could be a quick indication of the appeal of a product, or a programme of research to analyse views of a range of stakeholders. 


We interview and engage with all types of respondent –from High Net Worth to unskilled/low income individuals, and across generational classes including Baby Boomers, Millenials and GenZ.


We will deep-dive into the ethnography and motivations of your target groups to find out where you fit into their lives, and what more you can offer them.


We deliver clear insights to B2B clients in order to develop customer engagement and staff relationships, and build successful business strategy.


Once all the research has been conducted, we analyse and interpret the findings and share with you what it means – and how to use it.


Our plain speaking approach ensures the research findings provide what you need.  This could be understanding how your target audience feels and thinks.  Or assessing how engaged your employees are.  Or how involved your stakeholders feel.


Whatever the scope of the research we’ll ensure you gain deep understanding.    
So, you have what you need to make decisions.


We pride ourselves on our long-term relationships with clients.  We have worked with many of our clients for 10 years or more, becoming a valued part of their team. 


As we get to know you and your business better and better, we can work with you to identify the gaps you have in your market understanding, and the opportunities that could lie there. 


Clarity fuels progress.   Clarity is the point of solid research. 

It enables a team to come together, commit to a goal and move forwards. 

It enables a business owner or director to decide on where to invest and focus. 

Clarity comes from understanding.  And understanding comes from insight.  Insight comes from asking the right questions in the first place.

Insight + Understanding + Clarity = Your business moving forward. 

And that's what we pride ourselves on.

Let’s start with a conversation

If you’re intrigued to find out more, the first step is for us to have a conversation.  You’ll find us straightforward.


Contact our Managing Director Neil Grantham on 01494 772436 or email

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