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Customer Experience

Customer Experience

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Consumers are able to interact across many channels and global audiences which results in heightened expectations of the customer experience. One bad experience can erode loyalty and it is too easy to seek alternative products and services.

WDG Research works in collaboration with the clients’ multi-channel teams to deliver precision analyses of the Customer Experience at each  point in the Customer Journey. Our approach is intuitive and easy to understand and implement. 

Rather than rely on behavioural models we use CX analysis to understand the decision and purchase process through the customer’s eyes, in order to set performance indicators at key stages in the journey. We also consider the client’s internal engagement with the process and how that impacts on performance at the coalface.

Instantaneous feedback using digital-based communities means negative experiences can be rapidly managed and rectified, and positive experiences leveraged.

Customer Journey: Using a Quali-Quantitative approach, WDG Research digs deep to understand how customers feel at each point of contact with your brand/company. We can gather ‘in the moment’ responses and engage in conversations with them, asking their opinions and defining their expectations at each stage in the journey. Achieving Customer Excellence is where our clients reach operational confidence to far exceed customer expectation at every stage.

Customer Segmentation: We want your CX programme to be a positive one for all of your customers, so we help you define who they are, what they are interested in, how important your brand is to them and which aspect of the marketing package/journey appeals the most to them. This enables you to deliver relevant and targeted marketing programmes and create an optimum experience for all of your customers.

Mystery and Accompanied Shopping: To understand if your CX programme is working we employ a UK-wide team of professional Mystery Shoppers. We can also recruit shoppers who match your customer profile. To enable you to understand the habits, rituals and experiences of your customers we conduct accompanied shopping studies. We design research that can work across all channels including contact centres and e-commerce sites. Fast and reliable research is collected online, digitally, or using traditional methods as is most appropriate.

Customer Experience Days observes the role your brand plays in your customers’ lives. It enables you to see its use and effect, and how this differs across the various segments. An ideal aid for targeting activity and developing strategy that relates directly to each customer segment.

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