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Product Innovation and Co-Creation

Product Innovation and Co-Creation

Online paymentSignificantly reduce the idea generation and gestation development stage of a new product or service.

Co-creation days are a hugely successful approach to Big Thinking and the development of a unique set of progressive and marketable ideas. We bring together brand experts, thought leaders, stakeholders and engaged consumers to participate in a creative process that results in a number of disruptive ideas. The consumers continue to refine and develop these ideas to generate desirable concepts. Working with you and keeping a close eye on the commercial capabilities within your business, we don’t waste your time and budget presenting ideas that are non-starters.

Taking the concepts further, WDG teams up with MIH (Make Innovation Happen) using Q-Blast® Consumer Research, which is time-saving, cost-effective quantitative and qualitative research in a single study, on the same day, with the same respondents. Concepts are screened and diagnosed in an entirely interactive and transparent way so you know what to develop and how to improve it.

Further down the line we work with your production, pack designers and detail specialists developing and refining until you have a branded product that is motivating and desirable.

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