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insight manWe want the results of your marketing research to play a major role in driving your plans forward, so we deliver outcomes that are meaningful to you and your team and create action:
• Your KPIs can be included in the research structure and benchmarked in its analysis to create measures that are communicable throughout your business and enhance your CRM feedback
• Our concept development programme is entirely interactive and transparent so you know what to develop and how to improve it
• Further down the line we work with your production, pack designers and detail specialists, developing and refining until you have a branded product that is motivating and desirable
• Instantaneous feedback using web and mobile-based communities means that negative experiences can be rapidly managed and rectified, and positive feedback leveraged
• We present the market assessment with our own recommendations that are based on the disseminated information and overlaid by our extensive experience garnered across many markets and many years
• Working with you and keeping a close eye on the commercial capabilities within your business, we don’t waste your time and budget presenting ideas that are non-starters


We work with you and your team to decide the most meaningful approach to communicating outcomes.
Alongside standard outputs WDG can bring results to life by re-enacting key moments in the research using actors.
Where the study includes a number of interest groups and diverging views within your market we can illustrate these effectively by employing an artist.



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