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Answering and challenging all your crucial business questions

​Experienced Full Service Insight specialists

What’s your question?

Do you have crucial questions to answer on new product and business opportunities?

Are pressing business concerns causing you sleepless nights and leaving you searching for answers?

Would your business benefit from deeply understanding the thoughts and feelings of your customers and staff, to inform your business strategy?

Insight, understanding, clarity.

With our consultative approach, you gain deep insight, understanding and clarity. To underpin your business and product strategy. Enabling you and your team to take decisions and move forward.

WDG Research is a team of experienced Insight professionals who have worked both client and agency side.


We have a practical outlook on the best way to investigate each initiative and question on the client’s mind. 

We will work with you to:

•    fully understand what you already know 

•    identify the gaps 

•    know better who your key audiences are

As a result, you’ll get the most out of your research investment to move your business forward. 


Let’s work together to get your questions answered

Get in touch by calling us on +44 (0)1494 772436 or emailing us here to see how we can help you gain the clarity you need. 

We work with our clients to…


Knowing your customer or client, to ensure competitive advantage and inform strategy 


Launching new products, brands and services with confidence, after gaining customer feedback


Understanding your brand in more depth, to identify areas for improvement


Fixing current ad hoc problems, enabling businesses to move forward


Monitoring and learning from the market environment and key competition, ensuring opportunities are identified


Engaging with your staff and stakeholders, identifying opportunities and issues

An experienced team

“I've worked with Neil and his company for over 15 years and always found them highly able. They have the ability to really get under the skin of consumer issues and report them in a clear jargon free way that gives excellent project guidance.”

NPD Agency, London


A flexible approach to achieve the best outcome for you

WDG Research is flexible in how we approach your research, in order to gain the best outcome for you. Whether that is about your brand, your product , your communication and your business strategy.

WDG Research will recommend and implement the tool which will reach the correct audience, engage at the right level and extract the valuable information you need to move forward.

This may involve one or more of the many methods available – Desk Research, Online or face to face qualitative or quantitative, ethnographic, community, Mystery shopping, Observation to name a few.

Small corporate? Large Start-up?

We work with CEOs, Marketing Directors, HR Directors and other C-suite directors. Across all types and sizes of company, and in diverse product fields. You name it, we’ve got expertise in it, both B2C and B2B.  Our 30+ years of experience includes research in…




Food and drink


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